Achievements are unexplained tasks that you can complete in-game that often unlock new objects to use in your park once the requirements are completed.

No tasks other than "Getting started!" have been confirmed by the developer. Completion suggestions may be incorrect.

Achievements panel


1.Getting started!

Difficulty: Very easy

Task: Complete the tutorial and gain 5 visitors.

Reward: Steel coaster

2.The park is growing!

2 star park example

Difficulty: Easy

Task: Get 2 Stars on your park. Example of a 2-star park:

Reward: Inverted coaster, Flying coaster

3.Nice theme park!

Difficulty: Medium

Task: Get 3 and a half stars on your park.

Reward: Multi-launch coaster, Phase-turbine coaster & Floorless Coaster.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 4.50.01 pm

4.Incredible theme park!

Difficulty: Somewhat hard

Task: Get a 5-star-rating on your park. 5 Stars:

Reward: Personal statue, Personal mannequin, Vertical launch coaster

5.Don't drown!

Difficulty: Very easy

Task: Add any body of water to your theme park.

Reward: Log flume


Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Task: Have 5 or more hours played on one of your theme park saves.

Reward: Tree (heart)

7.Fully expanded!

Difficulty: Hard

Task: Own all land expansions. (With Exception Of Gamepass)

Reward: Wing coaster, Dive coaster & Hydraulic launch coaster

8.Public transport!

Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Task: Create a Transport train with at least three stations, and each station has an entrance and exit.

Completion suggestion: Ensure all the stations have the same amount of station tracks. A minimum of three is needed.

Reward: Monorail

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 7.03.25 pm


Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Task: Ask a player to add you as a Co-builder (via the settings), then place anything in their park. Co-Builder in the settings:

Reward: Path (Glass), Queue path (Glass)

10.Community approval!

Difficulty: Somewhat hard

Task: Get ten likes on your park.

Reward: Shiny thumbs up


Difficulty: Medium

Task: Build a custom track ride (mostly) with the advanced editor, then open the ride with an entrance and an exit.

Completion suggestion: Try using ALL basic track elements (chainlift, boosters [if available], and brakes) correctly for the most effective result.

Reward: Spinning coaster

12.Stashed money!

Difficulty: Somewhat hard

Task: Get $100000 through any means possible, whether that means gaining it yourself, or purchasing it from the store.

Reward: Path (Shiny), Queue path (Shiny)

13.A worthy park!

Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Task: Make your park worth $200,000+

Completion suggestion: Place expensive rides such as Enterprise, Fire ball, and Ferris wheel. Placing multiple expensive coasters with long track lengths also helps. You can also place many personal statues or mannequins to get the achievement quickly but if not placed on the right places, they could be a bad investment.

Reward: Launched freefall

14.Nice and tidy!

Difficulty: Very Hard

Task: Place, at minimum, 25 (value unconfirmed) trash cans in your park, and have no trash in your park, at the same time. You need at least 35 Visitors to get this achievement.

Reward: Trash can/Metal, Trash can/Cylinder

15.The big picture!


Difficulty: Easy

Task: Have a friend (or someone) line up 16 square borderless image panels like the image to the right except have it 4x4. Then, have your friend (or someone) choose random images for each image panel. Then, when your friend (or someone) has selected different and random decals for all 16 image panels, make one of the images different. If you didn't get the achievement, try changing another decal and make sure all decals are different.

Reward: Hanging flag, Path (Image panel), Ceiling (Image panel)                                                                       

16.Spin to win?!

Difficulty: Very Hard

Task: Create a Spinning coaster, River rapids, or Dark ride that has a maximum spinning speed of 360+deg/s. Remember to let the ride go through at least once, either through testing or open settings, to get credit. There must also be an entrance and exit on the ride.

Completion suggestion: Try creating a coaster that reaches the default height limit, then drops down using wide spiral down pieces ("More pieces" menu) to create a helix. Lower a large section of terrain for more spiral pieces. This is a basic design that can help with attaining higher spinning speeds. It may also help if the track is banked at certain areas.

Reward: Teleporter

17.Explore the world with swans!

Difficulty: Very Hard

Task: Create a swan boat ride that goes around the perimeter of your park (1 block in) and open it. This requires you to have all park sections unlocked. (You don't need to have the expanded park gamepass)

Completion Suggestion: Build the ride underground or above the park, as to not cut off your park (and income). For the turns, use the "Sharp turn" pieces.

Reward: Water alterator


"Chained" Achievement

Difficulty: Hard

Task: Place four fire ball rides in a tower chain pattern.

Completion suggestion: Start with a fire ball ride on the ground. Take fire ball 2 and rotate it 90 degrees, and put it aligned in the middle of the first one, with the bottom part of 2 as close to the top part of 1. Take fire ball 3, turned 90 from 2, and align it the same way. Do the same for 4. The rides do not need to be running for credit. The achievement is not possible if started at the default height limit without height limit additions. Dig deeper to begin building. Also, because in a change of the fire ball ride height, this achievement is no longer available to get unless you have the Disable Collisions game pass.

Reward: Light orb

19.Mega duck invasion!

Difficulty: Medium

Task: Place 25 mega ducks in a short amount of time in a pond.

Completion suggestion: Own at least $20,000 in game. Create a 5x5 pond. Start placing ducks as fast as you can. It can be done with multiple players, all of which will get credit.

Reward: Evil duck & Mega evil duck

20.For the extreme children!

Difficulty: Very Hard

Task: Create a junior coaster that reaches both your height limit (changes with height limit additions) and the lowest possible depth with a minimum top speed of 110.

Completion suggestion: Using the terrain editor, dig a pit to the lowest depth to allow the coaster to reach the very bottom. Try using the advanced editor for more efficient drops. The ride operations gamepass can make this easier to achieve.

Reward: Cannon


Difficulty: Easy

Task: With 45+ visitors in your park, prevent all of them being able to leave by blocking or deleting all paths to the exit. Achievement awarded when all current visitors in your park want to leave your park.


A path has been deleted to prevent guests from being able to leave in the picture shown above.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 7.08.13 pm

Completion suggestion: Closing your park, rides and increasing your stall prices will help speed the process up. Deleting the single path in front of the exit will trap all current visitors in your park.

Reward: Wall (Jail), Doorway (Jail)


Difficulty: Very Hard

Task: Kill ten visitors at once.

Completion suggestion: Visitors can be killed by making a custom track ride that does not end at a properly placed station. The custom track ride must be able to have ten seats running at the same time, meaning that the ride must be a junior coaster, steel coaster, phase-turbine coaster, inverted coaster, flying coaster, multi-launch coaster, wing coaster, vertical launch coaster, dive coaster, transport train, floorless coaster, single-rail coaster, hydraulic launch coaster, or monorail.
To allow ten visitors to sit into the queue, consider making a free steel coaster with 8 station segments that takes around 240-300 seconds to complete a loop while all other rides are closed.

Reward: Tombstone

23.To the moon!

Difficulty: Medium

Task: Create a multi-launch coaster that launches a car vertically upwards on a 90° incline (of which does not end) with a speed of least 190 km/h. The coaster then needs to be run through at least once and the cart must break.

Completion suggestion: Achieve high speeds with boosters. A 90° incline is achieved by using the smallest "up" piece, then the second "up" piece, and then the vertical "up" piece. The cart must break in order to get the achievement. The Ride Operations game pass will make achievement easier. (Note: This achievement requires the multi-launch coaster, so you must get the achievement "Nice Theme Park!" first.)

Reward: Trampoline

24Welcome back again!

Difficulty: Medium

Task: Claim the daily reward 10 times.

Completion suggestion: Claim the Daily reward ten times. You do not need to claim the reward 10 days in a row, instead just 10 times in total. Plus, remember to save before leaving, or your daily reward will NOT be counted.

Reward: Slingshot

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