The Changelog is a log of changes made to the game by the developer. It can be accessed in-game at the bottom of the settings menu.


v215: 13-Feb-2019

  • Added: Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese translations.
  • Changed: Guests can now enter rides even when there there is no queue at all (if there is a vehicle at the station).
  • Changed: Items such as stalls, ride entrances/exists and seats will copy the path style from any direction now (the blue marker when building the item indicates the direction that gets most priority).
  • Changed: Updated camera/control scripts.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing some text to not appear properly.

v214: 11-Feb-2019

  • Changed: Internal changes.

v213: 11-Feb-2019

  • Added: Painter tool supports material painting now (Desktop only).
  • Changed: When 'disable collisions' is enabled it is now also allowed to build two of the same sloped walls/fences/supports/etc. on the same location if they are rotated in opposite directions.
  • Changed: Text filtering internal adjustments.
  • Changed: Moved all Primitives to their own scenery category.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Internal changes.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing change in the bank to look very blocky on the Single track coaster.

v212: 30-Jan-2019

  • Changed: Internal Changes
  • Fixed: Fixed some minor translation issues.

v211: 17-Jan-2019

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue preventing users from loading a park.

v210: 17-Jan-2019

  • Added: French and German translations.
  • Changed: Guest screaming adjustments.
  • Changed: UI adjustments


v209: 16-Jan-2019

  • Fixed: Attempt to fix an issue causing the startup menu to not allow selecting an option on Xbox.

v208: 15-Jan-2019

  • Added: Guests will now put their hands in the air on tracked rides when they enjoy a particular drop.
  • Added: Experimental scream SFX on tracked rides.
  • Changed: R6 sit animation.
  • Changed: Disable collisions mode is now enabled by default if you own the game pass in order to reduce confusion. It can still be disabled manually when desired.
  • Changed: Internal Changes.

v207: 15-Jan-2019

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing guests to not be placed in their seats properly in rides.

v206: 27-Dec-2018

  • Changed: Internal changes.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing some item names to not appear.

v205: 22-Dec-2018

  • Added: Jukebox/speaker range can now be viewed from inside of the range as well.
  • Added: Whenever selecting a jukebox/speaker that plays a local playlist, the ranges of all jukeboxes/speakers playing that playlist are now shown instead of just the one you selected.
  • Added: Whenever copying a jukebox/speaker using the item picker, the assigned range and playlist will now be copied as well.
  • Fixed Fixed an issue where the chainlift of the Inverted launch coaster would be drawn incorrectly.

v204: 21-Dec-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing assigned playlists and audio range to reset.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing music from another park to keep playing in some scenarios when entering the park.

v203: 21-Dec-2018

  • Added: New roller coaster "Inverted launch coaster".
  • Added: Jukeboxes now support 26 different playlists. Aside from classic "global" playlist, which can be heard from the entire park, 25 "local" playlists now exist. Whenever a jukebox is configured to play a "local" playlist, this playlist will only play within a configurable range around the jukebox. If multiple jukeboxes with different playlists cover the same area, the playlist with the highest priority gets priority.
  • Added: 6 trees with snow, 3 rocks with snow, 1 bush with snow.
  • Added: New water emitter vfx item.
  • Added: 6 new primitives
  • Added: Sloped image panel
  • Added: 3 speaker items
  • Added: Ability to change the terrain material of the park its surrounding terrain.
  • Added: Added a limit of 200 jukeboxes/speakers in a park.
  • Changed: Increased ride limit slighly
  • Changed: UI adjustments
  • Changed: Internal changes
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing some item names not to appear
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing the character to get stuck in ride geometry when exiting rides sometimes.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing vertical turns to look very blocky on Single track coaster.

v202: 19-Dec-2018

  • Changed: Internal changes.

v201: 27-Oct-2018

  • Changed: The camera movement speed will now adjust to the configured mouse sensitivity when editing tracked rides.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where multiline chat messages would now display lines other than the first line.

v200: 21-Oct-2018

  • Added: New roller coaster "Single track coaster".
  • Added: 8 spider web props, 11 spider props.
  • Added: 2 smoke emitter vfx items.
  • Added: 3 primitives.
  • Added: Sloped image path.
  • Added: Pumpkin rope.
  • Added: Can now also use speed adjustment track segments on the Transport train and Monorail.
  • Changed: Can now override queue paths (or sloped paths) with a queue path (or sloped path) of another style.
  • Changed: The game will no longer prompt the player to build and entrance or exit gate automatically after completing a tracked ride loop or after building an entrance if at least one entrance or exit gate already exists.
  • Changed: Internal changes
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where tracked ride vehicles would sometimes take a long time load after opening/testing a ride in parks with multiple rides on stressed network connections.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing the camera to rapidly fly across the entire map.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing distant rides to take a very long time to update as you go closer to them when running the game at a very low framerate in a large park.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where tracked ride vehicles would visually repeat riding the same track segment between two stations whenever any single vehicle crashes on that ride.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where sometimes a track piece can remain highlighted after closing the track editor.


v199: 21-Oct-2018

  • Changed: Internal changes.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue with the update broadcast system.

v198: 1-Sep-2018

  • Changed: Reduced hitbox of the Slingshot ride to always fit on ground level (for real now).
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing rides to get stuck in odd positions (another attempt).

v197: 30-Aug-2018

  • Changed: Reduced hitbox of the Slingshot ride to always fit on ground level.
  • Changed: Adjusted Slingshot animation.
  • Changed: Pricing adjustments.
  • Fixed: an issue causing accessories to be invisible when leaving first person camera mode on a ride.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing rides to get stuck in odd positions (hopefully).

v196: 16-Aug-2018

  • Added: New intense ride "Rocking disk"
  • Added: New achievement "Welcome back again!", unlocking a new intense ride.
  • Added: Daily bonus system to grant a small amount of extra money every day.
  • Added: Speed adjustment track features and pieces for the vintage cars and dark ride. This allows changing vehicle speed on the track.
  • Changed: Improved loading speed.
  • Changed: Pricing adjustments.

v195: 15-Aug-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed various camera issues.

v194: 17-Jul-2018

  • Changed: Increased maximum player count from 4 to 6 players (this might be rolled back depending on how this change affects performance).
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing certain savegames to not load properly.

v193: 18-Jun-2018

  • Changed: Reduced hitbox size of the dive coaster, which enables using certain track pieces (like loops) with it.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing certain savegames to not load properly.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing the chat bar hotkeys to insert a character into the chatbox too.

v192: 14-Jun-2018

  • Added: Disable collisions mode, allowing items to intersect. (Flatrides/stations cannot overlap, paths cannot overlap, terrain cannot overlap.) (Tracks can overlap if at most one track is a station on a cell.) (Intersections with water are allowed and water-only items can be outside of water.) (Disables restrictions of certain items being forced on top of terrain.) (Requires game pass.) (An item limit per location applies.)
  • Added: New roller coaster: "Dive coaster".
  • Added: Slope rope fence, 3 wooden fences, 2 neon light variants.
  • Changed: Internal changes.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where setting the price of all stalls at once was not working.
  • Fixed: Fixed park value being incorrect.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing teleports to not detach when removing a teleporter.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing the music list to be cleared when a jukebox was removed when other jukeboxes still exist.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing the water color to be reset when a water alterator was removed when other water alterators still exist.

v191: 12-Jun-2018

  • Changed: Internal changes.

v190: 11-Jun-2018

  • Changed: Internal changes.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing tracked ride segments to very rarely not to save.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes to get stuck inside of stalls.



v189: 2-Jun-2018

  • Changed: Only audio that 'allows copying' can now be used in jukebox playlists or as ride audio.

v188: 30-May-2018

  • Added: VIP server admins can now use the command '/vipserver-allowfreecamplayername' to let a player use a freely movable camera (for cinematic purposes).
  • Changed: Internal changes.

v187: 23-May-2018

  • Changed: Internal changes.

v186: 28-Apr-2018

  • Changed: Translation adjustments.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.

v185: 26-Apr-2018

  • Fixed: Temporarily changed some UI logic to fix some UI not working properly.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.

v184: 26-Apr-2018

  • Temporarily disable some UI animations to fix some UI not working properly.

v183: 25-Apr-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing the game to lock up.

v182: 24-Apr-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed various small issues.

v181: 20-Apr-2018

  • Added: Added spanish localizations.
  • Added: New gentle ride: "Plane ride".
  • Added: 22 new roof trim items.
  • Added: Horizontal neon light item.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.

v180: 13-Apr-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed various small UI issues.


v179: 12-Apr-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed various small UI issues.

v178: 12-Apr-2018

  • Changed: Internal Changes

v177: 6-Apr-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed minor UI issue.

v176: 5-Apr-2018

  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Internal changes.

v175: 2-Apr-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed issue where the dialog close button would not work.

v174: 2-Apr-2018

  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Internal changes.

v173: 20-Mar-2018

  • Changed: Internal changes.

v172: 16-Mar-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing built pole items to be "forgotten" by the game sometimes.

v171: 4-Mar-2018

  • Added: The game now supports "pole items": these items are always built on the corner of a tile.
  • Added: The floorless and winged coasters can now use a new track feature: "hold brakes".
  • Added: Pole items for brick (two thicknesses), wooden (two thicknesses plus a thick and thin cylindrical variant), glass (two thicknesses), metal (three thicknesses plus a thin cylindrical variant) and roman (bottom, middle, top)
  • Added: Gable wall pole items for brick, glass, wooden and metal wall types.
  • Added: Metal wall doorway, one way doorway, window, window with glass, slope, high slope, inverted slope, inverted high slope pieces.
  • Added: Metal low/high bracket, low/high frame, low/high support, beam, beam with posts items.
  • Added: 2 quoin items.
  • Added: Small marquee corner, facade piece corner items.
  • Added: 2 pole lantern items, pole torch item, pole neon light.
  • Added: 2 (standard) lantern items.
  • Added: Inverted high slope primitive.
  • Changed: Metal fences are walls now and have a reduced building cost.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Removed: The following items are now deprecated as their functionality has been replaced by a pole item: Brick/glass/wooden ct/post-like wall pieces, Flag pole, Metal/wooden dual poles for overhead signs/other decorations, Wooden dual posts, Roman dual posts (bottom, middle, top), Pole with lantern.

v170: 4-Mar-2018

  • Changed: UI adjustments.


v169: 4-Mar-2018

  • Changed: UI adjustments.

v168: 26-Feb-2018

  • Changed: Updated the text filtering to comply with the current Roblox rules.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.

v167: 26-Feb-2018

  • Changed: Internal changes.

v166: 4-Feb-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed various small issues with the hydraulic launch and floorless coasters.

v165: 4-Feb-2018

  • Added: New roller coaster: the "Hydraulic launch coaster". (The hold time is configurable through ride operations.)
  • Added: New roller coaster: the "Floorless coaster".
  • Added: 3 new palm tree items and a wall-attached flowerbed item.
  • Added: 2 metal crate props, 2 wooden planks cover props.
  • Added: 4 inverted sloped wall items, 4 steep slope corner roof items.
  • Added: 7 new primitives and two new materials: cobblestone and pebble.
  • Changed: Moved certain side items to new layers, allowing some useful combinations of items to be layered of each other.
  • Changed: Reduced price of all primitives.
  • Changed: All primitives can now be submerged in water.
  • Changed: Raised ride limit from 50 to 75.
  • Changed: Improved the simple editor looping pieces to be smoother. (Does not already affect already-built loops.)
  • Changed: Slightly adjusted roller coaster physics.
  • Changed: Increased the amount of asset-revolve attempts for the image picker and added a better error for when resolving fails anyway. This should result in fewer images not loading into image panels.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Fixed: Fixed gamepads being unable to properly use the delete everything function.

v164: 7-Jan-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed inability to place items with a gamepad in the extra expanded plots.

v163: 7-Jan-2018

  • Changed: Slightly increased music volume.
  • Fixed: Fixed park background music sometimes not fully muting when on-ride music is playing
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where park music instead of on-ride music as playing when on-ride music was playing when on-ride music is configured when entering a vehicle quickly after leaving one.

v162: 7-Jan-2018

  • Changed: UI adjustments

v161: 7-Jan-2018

  • Added: Extra expansion plots gamepass that unlock 8 extra expansion plots (for all your parks).
  • Added: On-ride music can now be configured for each ride. It is synchronized with the ride. With tracked rides, the on-ride music will only stop and restart on stations with an entrance and/or exit. (Requires the jukebox gamepass. Computers only.)
  • Added: Added a setting to control the draw distance of rides and guests.
  • Added: Can now hide the entrance gate.
  • Changed: Can no longer attempt to buy expansion plots on arks that are owned by other players.
  • Changed: Increased maximum save game size to 2.0MB.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Increased the amount of time guests stay in larger parks and increased the guest counts a bit.
  • Fixed: Fixed clipping of the dropdown carets.

v160: 5-Jan-2018

  • Added: Gamepad/console users can now chat text messages by pressing the left d-pad.
  • Changed: Increased default item information panel size.
  • Changed: Internal changes.


v159: 4-Jan-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed guest emotes appearing in arbitrary locations.

v158: 4-Jan-2018

  • Added: The paths in front of the park now change appearance to the appearance of the path after the entrance.
  • Added: Park information button next to the park entrance.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.

v157: 4-Jan-2018

  • Fixed: Fixed flatrides sometimes not appearing.

v156: 3-Jan-2018

  • Added: Savegame data size is now shown in the loading dialog.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Fixed: Fixed tracked rides not loading in/out when moving away/towards them.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing tracked rides to sometimes animate jittery when riding them.

v155: 3-Jan-2018

  • Changed: Updated Twister animation
  • Changed: Guests far away or (nearly) out of view will not render at all to improve performance.
  • Changed: Flatrides will stop their animation when far away to improve performance.
  • Changed: Animating objects will no longer animate when far away to improve performance.
  • Fixed: Fixed various issues causing guest animations to appear incorrectly.

v154: 9-Dec-2017

  • Changed: Changed logic and UI to use a ride its seat
  • Changed: Players can now also go to the top of the spiral side to the doorway.

v153: 7-Dec-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed inability to delete straight wreaths

v152: 7-Dec-2017

  • Added: New intense ride "Swing ride".
  • Added: 6 new trees: two kinds, each with two variants with Christmas decorations.
  • Added: Straight wreath prop and a variant with Christmas decorations.
  • Added: Large ring wreath prop and two variants with Christmas decorations.
  • Added: Small ring wreath prop and two variants with Christmas decorations.
  • Added: 6 new snow cannon vfx items.
  • Added: Star prop, bells prop, large candy cane prop, (small) candy cane prop and a variant with a light.
  • Added: Steep slope wooden wall and steep wooden roof.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Improved error handling when editing the terrain.
  • Changed: The following lights now use a glass material: Ceiling lights, lanterns, light orbs, spotlights, Christmas trees, Christmas lights. You may need to increase the color intensity of these items to get equally bright lights.
  • Changed: R15 character collision model.
  • Fixed: Replaced additional instances of "visitors" to "guests"
  • Fixed: Fixed certain sloped queue paths not properly propagating styles to connected items.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where in some cases you could not build an entrance or exit next to certain station segments.

v151: 3-Dec-2017

  • Changed: Text Content is now re-filtered upon park load to comply with new safety rules
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing images on certain items to show the default image when removing adjacent items.

v150: 8-Nov-2017

  • Added: New ride "Dark ride", which permits rotating the vehicle using special track pieces.
  • Added: One way doorway (brick and wooden variants),  one way routing (poles, metal and wooden variants) items.
  • Added: 3 large tree items.
  • Added: Christmas lights standalone rope variant.
  • Added: 3 vertical coffin props.
  • Added: 11 new primitive items.
  • Added: In settings, you can now disable showing guest names above guest heads.
  • Changed: Can now recolor the vintage cars ride track, defrosted the Vintage car window.
  • Changed: Adjusted some ride stats.
  • Changed: Park guests are now called "guests" everywhere and are no longer called "visitors".
  • Fixed: Fixed a rare issue where guests could get stuck in a queue until the park was reloaded.


v149: 1-Nov-2017

  • Removed: Nerf billboards.

v148: 30-Oct-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed camera zoom not working.

v147: 9-Oct-2017

  • Nerf sponsoring start (2nd session).

v146: 2-Oct-2017

  • Removed: Nerf billboards

v145: 26-Sep-2017

  • Fixed: Fix road segment not pushing you forward.

v144: 26-Sep-2017

  • Fixed: Fix issue where guests are not behaving properly.

v143: 26-Sep-2017

  • Added: Added 4 coffin props, skeleton prop, bones prop, skull prop, pumpkin prop, 2 pumpkin rope items.
  • Added: 5 fire emitter vfx items.
  • Added: Witch hat stall.
  • Added: Can now scroll the item list by using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Fixed: Fixed the item scroller scrolling too far to the right.
  • Nerf sponsoring event.

v142: 31-Aug-2017

  • Added: New achievement "Fully expanded!", unlocking a new roller coaster.
  • Added: Carousel ride.
  • Added: 6 water emitter vfx items.
  • Added: 6 tile-size marquee roof items.
  • Added: Hedge arch.
  • Added: In settings, there is now a button to "Delete everything", which clears your park while keeping your money (does not create a new save slot).
  • Changed: Pricing adjustments.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing the UI to get stuck when cancelling liking a park with a gamepad.
  • Fixed: Fixed out of bounds spline curves.
  • Fixed: Fixed targetting cells below a target cell.

v141: 23-Aug-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed guest skinning.

v140: 30-Jul-2017

  • Changed: Improved/clarified the tutorial
  • Fixed: Fixed things randomly being built in the air (desktop)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where item placement system would not work properly until restarting build mode (console)
  • Fixed: Fixed palm tree texture


v139: 27-Jul-2017

v138: 23-Jul-2017

  • Changed: Improved performance/response times while building (mostly on consoles).

v137: 23-Jul-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed the game failing to load on console if the connection is very slow.
  • Fixed: Fixed pathing/linking through the wall pole items
  • Fixed: Fixed error when trying to target certain objects.
  • Fixed: Fixed minor internal issues on console.

v136: 22-Jul-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed UI getting stuck when aborting a loading operation on gamepads.

v135: 22-Jul-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed UI getting stuck when trying to edit a track when the ride is closed on gamepads.

v134: 21-Jul-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed expansion UI not working for gamepads.

v133: 21-Jul-2017

  • Changed: Tutorial enhancements for gamepad.
  • Changed: Clarified some error messages.
  • Fixed: Fixed UI getting stuck on gamepads if coloring the entire track or all supports.

v132: 20-Jul-2017

  • Fixed: Money thousands separator glyph.

v131: 16-Jul-2017

  • Added: Various map decorations.  
  • Added: Out of money/height limit prompts.
  • Changed: Park entrance design.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Instead of holding [Alt] to remove items quickly, now [Y] should be used instead (in some cases Alt would be locked to a press-down state).
  • Changed: Star rating adjustments.
  • Changed: Increased background music volume (including Jukebox music).
  • Changed: Clarified various error messages.
  • Fixed: Fixed a few minor issues in the tutorial.
  • Fixed: Fixed various gamepad issues.

v130: 10-Jul-2017

  • Summer games event ended.
  • Added: Added full gamepad support.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.


v129: 27-Jun-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed terrain editing not working properly.

v128: 27-Jun-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed side item placement (walls, fences etc.) not working properly.

v127: 27-Jun-2017

  • Summer games event. Complete two missions in this limited time event to earn virtual items!
  • Added: Rapid river water ride.
  • Added: Refreshing fruits stall.
  • Added: Water SFX for tracked water rides.
  • Added: When building items, can now press [U] to undo/remove previously placed items.
  • Added: New ROBLOX logo to suggested images (in the image picker)
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: SFX rebalance.
  • Changed: Changed logic used to target a cell.
  • Changed: Most particles and all text signs are influenced by light.
  • Fixed: Fixed scrolling not working in the image picker.
  • Fixed: Fixed swimming for real this time, I hope.

v126: 9-Jun-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing the character to swim where it should not.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue sometimes causing out of sync errors when performing actions on track segments.

v125: 31-May-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed R15 characters sometimes getting stuck in water.

v124: 27-May-2017

  • Changed: UI adjustments
  • Changed: SFX rebalance
  • Fixed: Fixed some small errors.

v123: 22-May-2017

  • Added: Crowd SFX, depart SFX, income SFX/VFX.
  • Added: Swan boats ride.
  • Added: Two duck props.
  • Added: New achievement "A worthy park!", unlocking a new intense ride.
  • Added: New achievement "Mega duck invasion!", unlocking two new props.
  • Added: New achievement "Explore the world with swans!", unlocking a new special item.
  • Added: Guests will occasionally show an emote bubble coming from their head indicating their thought.
  • Added: Can now click a ride vehicle to open the associated ride menu rather than having to click e.g. the track.
  • Changed: With dynamic daytime, days are now longer and the nights shorter.
  • Changed: Tracked rides SFX.
  • Changed: Improved performance for tracked ride drawing.
  • Changed: Far-away guests will animate less now, which should improve performance in large parks.
  • Changed: Ivy texture.
  • Changed: Reduced overall sound volume.
  • Changed: Balancing changes, increased starting money a bit.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue causing the server to be strained with too many computation tasks at once.

v122: 16-May-2017

  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Added co-builders will now persist until the park is unloaded and do no longer auto-remove when a co-builder leaves the game.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where supports colors were not properly applied.
  • Fixed: Fixed hats/accessories becoming invisible when leaving POV camera.
  • Internal changes.

v121: 7-May-2017

  • Added: You can now increase the height limit much more (through the shop button). [loaded in v120+]
  • Added: Item picker now copies the set sign font.

v120: 6-May-2017

  • Increased savegame size limit to 1.8MB
  • Internal changes.


v119: 5-May-2017

  • Added: Can now configure the material of the primitives.
  • Added: 8 modular track props.
  • Added: 12 more primitives.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Fixed: Fixed queue path colors being reset.

v118: 3-May-2017

  • Added: The item picker will now also copy the following item properties: sign text, sign image, transparency setting, light brightness, light range.
  • Added: Park value statistic.
  • Internal changes.

v117: 20-Apr-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed dropdowns not working properly.

v116: 19-Apr-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed the game being practically broken.

v115: 18-Apr-2017

  • Internal changes.

v114: 17-Apr-2017

  • Changed: Balancing changes.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Internal changes for gamepad support.
  • Changed: Updated Roblox core scripts.

v113: 10-Apr-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed the picker tool not copying colors.
  • Fixed: Fixed dropdown menus not showing all items properly.

v112: 10-Apr-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed an internal error.

v111: 10-Apr-2017

  • Added: Shop button to the bottom bar.
  • Added: Can now buy gamepasses straight from the shop menu.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Internal changes for gamepad support.

v110: 3-Apr-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed leaderboard breaking down.


v109: 3-Apr-2017

  • Added: Nautic jet ride.
  • Added: 3 lilypad items, 4 ruined brick wall items, personal mannequin item.
  • Added: New emotes: dance4, dance5, and backflip (requires R15 character).
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Lighting adjustments.
  • Fixed: Fixed some emotes that were not working.

v108: 26-Mar-2017

  • Fixed: Can no longer use [Alt] and click to delete items during the tutorial.
  • Fixed: Fixed chat messing up.

v107: 26-Mar-2017

  • Added: Can now hold [Alt] and click when in item placement mode to quickly delete items without having to switch to the remove mode.
  • Added: Chat command '/hidechat' to hide the chat UI.
  • Added: Chat command '/hideui' to hide most of the UI.
  • Added: In settings, a button is added to show the list of hotkeys and chat commands.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: When building an entrance or exit and closing the ride info dialog, build mode will now be exited automatically.
  • Fixed: Fixed issues causing tooltips to sometimes stay stuck and not disappear.
  • Fixed: Fixed the cursor icon sometimes not changing properly depending on the editing context.
  • Fixed: Fixed the button not leaving the "pressed down" state when releasing the mouse button out of the button area.
  • Fixed: Fixed default chat showing up when respawning.
  • Fixed: Fixed ride info dialog disappearing when starting to build a new ride entrance or exit.

v106: 21-Mar-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed color picker.

v105: 21-Mar-2017

  • Innovation Event ended.
  • Added: In settings, can now enable R15 guest models. (The /setguestmodeltype command is now removed in favor of this.)
  • Changed: Wide range of UI changes/adjustments.
  • Changed: Pricing adjustments.
  • Changed: Entrance design updated a bit.
  • Changed: Improved positioning/visuals of the ride state 'markers'.
  • Fixed: Using the painter tool will now properly trigger other connected items to change color as well.
  • Fixed: Fixed UI focus animation for real now.
  • Building new phase-turbine coasters will require an achievement (but also net more income).

v104: 9-Mar-2017

  • Changed: The trader for the Innovation event now uses the originally intended dialog.
  • Fixed: The phase-turbine roller coaster and vertical launch coaster now always properly attach to the track.

v103: 8-Mar-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed crash if too short trains are used.
  • Fixed: Fixed animations breaking down if the network has a very high latency.

v102: 8-Mar-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed the imagepicker not working properly.

v101: 8-Mar-2017

  • Changed: Moved park star rating UI (again).
  • Fixed: Fixed the scrollbar in popup dialogs not being focusable.

v100: 8-Mar-2017

  • Innovation event: complete a mission to earn a reward.
  • Added: Phase-turbine roller coaster.
  • Added: Vertical launch roller coaster (supports vertical boosters and straight to vertical up booster segments, requires achievement).
  • Added: A few new simple editor pieces.
  • Added: 8 new wall types (brick and glass), 2 fence-like walls, concrete and glass steep roof, two vehicle props, trash bin prop, two security camera props, four tire props, two concrete barriers.
  • Added: Ellipsis in the item menu when the text is too long.
  • Changed: When saving parks, the game will no longer lock up until saving is complete and will thus allow you to continue building while the park is being saved (in most cases).
  • Changed: Editing terrain adjacent to water will now make the water automatically "flow" into that area if possible instead of throwing an error.
  • Changed: Improved various error messages for clarity.
  • Changed: When editing terrain, queued operations will always only fail if a lot of terrain is being edited at once instead of always.
  • Changed: Balancing maximum guest algorithms.
  • Changed: Brakes and boosters in the advanced editor support variable length pieces and pitch curved pieces now.
  • Changed: Pricing adjustments.
  • Changed: Booster physics changed in some cases, this may change the behaviour of some rides.
  • Fixed: When editing terrain height, the UI will no longer get stuck while the terrain is being recomputed.
  • Experimental, partial gamepad support.


v99: 3-Mar-2017

  • Changed: Chat now behaves nicely with the new privacy settings.
  • Changed: Moved park star rating UI.

v98: 21-Feb-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed UI layering issues.
  • Fixed: Fixed trampoline not working properly for R15 characters.
  • Fixed: Fixed some hooks never connecting for R6 characters.

v97: 16-Feb-2017

  • Changed: Characters now always spawn in front of their own park. This should also fix issues with R15 characters not spawning there at all.
  • Fixed: R15 is now actually optional instead of forced.

v96: 14-Feb-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed broken cleaning animation for R15.

v95: 14-Feb-2017

  • Added: R15 character model support (optional, experimental).

v94: 13-Feb-2017

  • Added: Chat command `/setguestmodeltype` (experimental, change between R6 and R15 guest models.)
  • Added: Usage tracking.
  • Fixed: Fixed dance emote not properly working.
  • Internal preparations for R15 character model support.

v93: 6-Feb-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed internal error.
  • Fixed: Appearantly it is February.

v92: 6-Feb-2017

  • Added: Usage tracking.

v91: 28-Jan-2017

  • Added: Added chat commands:
    • "/vipadmin-settod <number>" (set time of day)
    • "/vipadmin-dynamictod" (enable dynamic time of day)
    • "/vipadmin-goto <player>" (teleport yourself to player)
    • "/vipadmin-get <player>" (teleport player to yourself)

v90: 9-Jan-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed the inability to remove side items.


v89: 9-Jan-2017

  • Added: Item picker will now copy the rotation of the item that is being picked.
  • Fixed: Fixed out of sync errors when selecting coaster pieces in some rare circumstances.
  • Fixed: Fixed the fire ball ride being offset a bit.

v88: 6-Jan-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed image signs not saving.

v87: 6-Jan-2017

  • Fixed: Fixed some savegames not loading properly.
  • Fixed: Fixed textbox caret not moving to the end when selecting a textbox with text in it.
  • Fixed: Fixed the error occurring when trying to change text on a sign.

v86: 6-Jan-2017

  • Added: Fire ball ride.
  • Added: New achievement "The big picture!".
  • Added: New achievement "Chained!".
  • Added: New image panel items -- can set a custom image to display on these items. Some support transparent 'frames' (in the Colors tab).
  • Added: Hanging standalone lantern, new trash can type.
  • Added: Two pallet props, two wooden box props...
  • Added: Four image panel items, a range of flag items, image sign variants of the text-based signs.
  • Added: Can now configure light properties of many items that emit light: their brightness and range can now be configured.
  • Added: When park entry is too expensive, a guest will now appear anyway walking to the entrance and immediately back, clarifying that the entry cost is too high.
  • Added: An error now shows when an entrance or exit gate cannot be built due to a too short station instead of the gate just mysteriously disappearing.
  • Changed: UI adjustments.
  • Changed: Overall pricing adjustments.
  • Changed: Maximum jukebox music length increased to 7 minutes.
  • Fixed: Fixed wall-type item sides going invisible while it should stay visible and the other way around (which item its side should be visible is now determined per-side instead of per-item). This basically fixes all problems causing parts of wall-type items going invisible when not expected.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where sometimes side items could not be placed above one another in specific orders.
  • Fixed: Fixed painter tool not properly working for animatable items (entrance/exit gates).
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing UI to lock up when starting the game.

v85: 19-Dec-2016

  • Added: Ferris wheel ride.
  • Added: Painter tool for improved color modification of items.
  • Added: Small marquee item, wooden wall doorway and window items, new bench item.
  • Changed: When riding rides, tooltips no longer show. Tooltips are also more frequently re-polled.
  • Fixed: Fixed teleporter connection creation not working.
  • Removed: Removed globe button (for now).

v84: 12-Dec-2016

  • Added: Ride Operations menu for each ride to control various track parameters of a ride (requires game pass).
  • Added: Can now recolor tables and the enterprise metal construction.
  • Added: A random tip is shown while the game loads.
  • Fixed: Fixed some issues with the lighting.
  • Fixed: New trees hitbox fixed.
  • Internal changes.

v83: 2-Dec-2016

v82: 22-Nov-2016

  • Added:/reset chat command
  • Changed: UI changes for the chat, item/ride/stall info dialogs and advaned editor.
  • Changed: Lighting adjustments.
  • Fixed: Fixed some pieces not being able to be built in the simple editor.
  • Fixed: Fixed some issue with cave/night version not working properly.

v81: 19-Nov-2016

  • Fixed: Piece cost of the track to be built now shows in the advanced editor.

v80: 18-Nov-2016

  • Added: Advanced coaster creator is now available (but still in development).
  • Added: Log pile, vertical log nature items.
  • Added: Wooden mesh roof piece, rope fence, water tower prop.
  • Added: Popcorn stall.
  • Added: New achievement "Promode!", unlocking a new roller coaster.
  • Added: New achievement "Spin to win?!", unlocking a new 'other-item'.
  • Added: Roman walls/fences are now recolorable.
  • Changed: Signs and the jukebox no longer have to be placed directly on top of terrain.
  • Changed: Ice cream stall walls are now thicker to avoid clipping with wall items.
  • Fixed: Fixed color picker toolbar being stuck visible when exiting the track builder.
  • Fixed: Fixed errors when trying to load a park too quickly after joining.
  • Fixed: Fixed hats not having the proper weight, not being attached to statues and not becoming invisible when entering rides.


v79: 13-Nov-2016

  • Internal changes.

v78: 13-Nov-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed entrance/exit gates falling apart.

v77: 12-Nov-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed chat messages not being transmitted.

v76: 12-Nov-2016

  • Debug logging.

v75: 11-Nov-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed rides/guest not showing during interval errors.

v74: 11-Nov-2016

  • Debug logging.

v73: 11-Nov-2016

  • Added: Ride entrance/exit gates now actually open and close.
  • Fixed: Track sound effects now do not continue looping when a cart crashes
  • Fixed: Fixed signs not properly redrawing when removing nearby wall-ish items.
  • Fixed: Fixed track piece color resetting when connecting track segments.
  • Internal changes

v72: 4-Nov-2016

  • Internal changes

v71: 31-Oct-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed some savegames not loading.

v70: 31-Oct-2016

  • Added: Savegame counter in the UI and some more UI clarification.
  • Changed: No longer showing expantion options that are not adjacent to already unlocked land.
  • Fixed: Fixed blur effect somtimes disabling and the UI flashing when the windows are reloaded.
  • Fixed: Fixed chat autocomplete doing all sorts of weird stuff.


v69: 30-Oct-2016

  • Added: Two new trees, bushes, three new rock items, campfire, bucket props.
  • Added: Can now recolor benches and trash cans.
  • Changed: New experimental track drawing system enabled for the vintage cars, log flume, transport train and monorail. It should improve connections between pieces.
  • Fixed: Fixed selecting things from under the targer cell.
  • Fixed: Removed toon shading on windows and trash cans.
  • Internal changes.

v68: 22-Oct-2016

  • Added: Can now hold [Ctrl] to lock the column to build the item in placement mode (includes terrain block manipulation); or [Shift] to lock the height.
  • Added: Can now use [I] and [O] to zoom in the coaster editor when the camera targets a piece.
  • Added: Jukebox music can now be reordered, current playing song is highlghted and if the game music is disabled, a warning is displayed.

v67: 20-Oct-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed wooden supports disappearing.

v66: 19-Oct-2016

  • Added: Added Enterprise flatride.
  • Added: Two door facade items.
  • Changed: Signs can now be placed at path height.
  • Changed: First person camera in rides no longer uses buggy head bobbing, uses a different FOV system avoiding camera shakes and the look direction can now be controlled by moving the mouse.
  • Changed: Terrain height manipulation visualisation clarified.
  • Fixed: Fixed items animation rotation when not rotating when placing items.
  • Fixed: Can now build wall-ish side items on park permiters in any orientation.
  • Wide rade of internal changes that may have broken stuff.

v65: 13-Oct-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed guests being unable to walk through overhead sign poles.

v64: 12-Oct-2016

  • Added: There is now a limit of 100 distinct savegames.
  • Added: New high in-game money purchase option.

v63: 12-Oct-2016

  • Added: Can now set the font of text signs.
  • Added: 3 new sign items (to be attached on walls), 2 new overhead signs and poles, wooden post with pole (to attach signs on).
  • Added: Cauldron prop and 3 new primitives.
  • Added: Trees, hedges and bushes are now recolorable.
  • Changed: Some item price tuning.
  • Removed: Deprecated wall with sign item.

v62: 8-Oct-2016

  • Added: Personal statues now also use packages, body colors and worn t-shirts.
  • Added: A range of 5 new wall and 12 new roof pieces for roof tips.
  • Added: 17 recolorable primitive building blocks.
  • Changed: Doubled maximum spline count for tracked rides.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing the mouse button release to not always be recognised when dragging items, terrain or axles.
  • Removed: Deprecated old Ct-style walls.

v61: 7-Oct-2016

  • Internal changes.

v60: 6-Oct-2016

  • Internal changes.


v59: 3-Oct-2016

  • Added: Tree log nature items, window facade pieces, hay bale props, sphere ceiling light items, anvil prop, pumpkin cat props. (Wiki note: includes Mega pumpkin cat)
  • Added: Candy floss stall.
  • Added: Dry grass terrain paint.
  • Added: Tracking guest and income statistics for all rides and stalls now.
  • Added: Can now view a graph of the visitor and income history of rides and stalls.
  • Added: Visitor thoughts about stalls are now linked to a specific stall.
  • Added: Added a range of new thoughts for visitors for stalls.
  • Added: Can now view guest thoughts in all stall dialogs.
  • Added: Utility vertical track alignment display when using the track editor.
  • Changed: Increased maximum audio length for the jukebox.
  • Changed: Guests now vary in the amount of money they will want to spend on a thing.
  • Changed: Increased maximum savegame size to 1.4MB.
  • Changed: Changed some mesh materials.

v58: 28-Sep-2016

  • Added: Can now use /e and /emote commands.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing rides to stop animating.
  • Fixed: Fixed some critical wood grain issues.

v57: 26-Sep-2016

  • Changed: Trying to build items against a wall/terrain will now always snap to the cell next to it.
  • Changed: Building on top of water is now simplified a lot.
  • Changed: Removed help.
  • Changed: Some UI changes.
  • Fixed: Removed toon shading on corner roof pieces.

v56: 25-Sep-2016

  • Added: By getting achievements, you are now eligible to be promoted in the Theme Park Tycoon 2 group on ROBLOX.

v55: 25-Sep-2016

  • Added: Spiral slide ride.
  • Added: Corner glass roof pieces.
  • Added: Started with a new coaster support system (old supports are not automatically converted as it requires some computational power, repaint all supports from the ride UI to conver them all).
  • Changed: Changelog entry text now wraps to new lines.
  • Changed: Spine track validation improved.
  • Changed: Several UI changes for consistency and clarity.
  • Fixed: Track camera now in all cases focuses the piece to be built.
  • Fixed: Toggling track caomera on now properly instantly focuses the target piece.
  • Fixed: Ride vehicles now immediately properly position themselves when entering an instance.

v54: 19-Sep-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug causing tracked vehicles to sometimes move at an incorrect speed.
  • AddedL Changelog auto-shows when loading a park (can disable through settings).
  • Added: Server version is now shown in startup dialog.

v53: 18-Sep-2016

  • Added: Can now scroll through track segment pieces from the coaster builder.
  • Internal changes.

v52: 18-Sep-2016

  • Fixed: Track computation now throttles with large tracks, avoiding server breakdowns.
  • Changed: Changed some UI components.
  • Changed: Spine track validation improved.
  • Internal changes.

v51: 14-Sep-2016

  • Changed: Spline smoothing method changed (internal).

v50: 14-Sep-2016

  • Added: Added proper dropdown UI support.


v49: 14-Sep-2016

  • Added: Added proper checkbox UI support.

v48: 13-Sep-2016

  • Added: Added a scenic landscape around the map and tunnels to quickly wrap around.
  • Added: Terrain block manipulation tab now supports area block manipulation.
  • Added: A descriptive error is now shown when adding water fails.
  • Changed: Changed camera smoothing when in a ride.
  • Changed: Terrain brush size hotkeys changed to R/F to not conflict with raise/lower.

v47: 11-Sep-2016

  • Added: Added some test sound effects to all tracked rides.
  • Added: Added default background music.

v46: 11-Sep-2016

  • Added: Ride vehicles can now be colored.
  • Added: Ride base color definitions added for all rides.
  • Added: Well, wagon and oil barrel props, wooden support pieces, ladder pieces.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing large offsets at spline connections.
  • Changed: Tracked rides now base orientation on the spline its own tangent and normal.
  • Changed: Increased spline smoothing steps.
  • Fixed: Inverted coaster chainlift visuals.
  • Fixed: Fixed a rare issue causing state corruption and broken savegames.
  • Fixed: Fixed lantern secondary color not being there at all.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug that caused guest chat messages to still go through.
  • Fixed: Fixed some very critical wood grain issues on the wooden crates.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where rides would not be visible at all.
  • Changed: Many interlan changes that could have broken stuff...

v45: 7-Sep-2016

  • Internal changes only.

v44: 7-Sep-2016

  • Added: 99% refund when removing anything built in the last two minutes.
  • Changed: Changing the active track piece now requires a double-RMB click.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where trains would sometimes not spawn with multiple disjoint track segments.
  • Added: Track focus camera smoothing.

v43: 6-Sep-2016

  • Added: Camera at the active track piece when building tracked rides (optional).
  • Changed: LMB no longer changes the active piece in the track editor, RMB now does.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug allowing you to circumvent the maximum spline count limit.

v42: 6-Sep-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue causing segments to not save.

v41: 5-Sep-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed track segments not connecting if the connection is not axis aligned.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where no piece could be built when segment starts are moved sometimes.
  • Changed: Connecting two incomplete track segments will now snap the builder to the end of the second segment instead of triggering entrance building.

v40: 4-Sep-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed track limit detection.
  • Changed: New piece validation system.
  • Added: Added half loop and corkscrew special coaster pieces.


v39: 4-Sep-2016

  • Changed: Wild mouse max bank increased to 60 degrees.
  • Fixed: Wild mouse brakes are now painted properly.
  • Added: added half loop and corkscrew special coaster pieces.

v38: 4-Sep-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed the delete mode not working.

v37: 4-Sep-2016

  • Added: Can now edit tracked rides at any point in the track without having to undo it all.
  • Added: Can now extend ride stations by building a station at the back of an existing station.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where sometimes the train length was restricted too much.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where incomplete tracks got incorrect ratings.
  • Fixed: Fixed the track editor locking up in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where carts did not despawn when building more track pieces.
  • Added: Park owner now shown in park info dialog.
  • Fixed: Can not try to close other parks client-sided anymore (which then closed your own park instead).
  • Added: Clicks in the bottom UI are now always caught to avoid accidental builds when using this UI.
  • Fixed: Apparently August only has 31 days.

v36: 3-Sep-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where locks would not be released and parks of players who left did not unload.

v35: 1-Sep-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed unexpected error when building an entrance or exit.
  • Fixed: Fixed ride stations at the end of the track not being recognized properly.

v34: 31-Aug-2016

  • Changed: Tracked ride vehicles now snap to tracks based on their wheels instead of cart center. This results in both smoother rides and better visuals as wheels now avoid clipping the track.
  • Added: Wild mouse coaster (+ sharp turns, sharp flat <-> steep transitions).
  • Added: Steep sharp turns upwards coaster pieces.
  • Added: Steep less-sharp turns coaster pieces.
  • Added: Wooden fence sloped variants for those who had none.
  • Added: Three glass fences and sloped variants.
  • Added: Metal fence.
  • Added: Can now close the park in the park settings.
  • Changed: Reorganized settings menu, added all-time guests count statistic.
  • Changed: Changed progress bar text visuals.
  • Fixed: Fixed the error logging again.
  • Added: Savegames now have a size limit of 1MB.

v33: 30-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed the error logging.

v32: 30-Aug-2016

  • Changed: Guests will now give up pathing if they fail to find a path even after approximation.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where guests sometimes went invisible in queue lines.
  • Changed: Improved error logging.
  • Changed: Changed looping titles to hint how to use them.

v31: 30-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed guests sometimes walking in the air to other stations when moving to their seat.

v30: 30-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed the animations when moving items going the wrong way.
  • Added: The animation when moving items will now avoid clipping into the ground.
  • Added: A popup is now shown with details when trying to load incompatible savegames.


v29: 29-Aug-2016

  • Added: Flat ride Gravitron.
  • Added: Inner and outer corner sloped concrete and wooden roofs.
  • Added: Sloped glass roof.
  • Added: Ivy vines, snowy rocks, dead tree.
  • Added: Skull and bones, cannonballs, wall-mounted torches and lanterns props.
  • Added: Path queue slopes for all path variants.
  • Added: Now showing unlocked item subscript info in achievements list.
  • Added: Now showing item subscript info in the item picker UI.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where ride seats sometimes could not be used after respawning.
  • Changed: Re-rendered path queue and wall item thumbnails.
  • Changed: Changed item orders, changed some item names, changed some item subscripts.

v28: 27-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where sometimes not all entrances/exits are removed when removing rides.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where an unexpected error got triggered when building an exit.

v27: 27-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where some parks would fail to load.

v26: 27-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where server-sided park settings sometimes could not be changed.
  • Changed: Park info dialogs now disable input when you cannot change the values.

v25: 27-Aug-2016

  • Changed: Redid mechanism that decides what rides guests will ride.
  • Changed: Park rating algorithm.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where the jukebox could not be built.

v24: 26-Aug-2016

  • Changed: Chat text imput no longer autoclears when losing focus without sending the text.

v23: 26-Aug-2016

  • Added: Now showing the full item hitbox when building in blue (of which part may be in the air).

v22: 26-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Can no longer bank vintage cars track.
  • Changed: Guests will no longer try to reach things that are completely unconnected to a path.
  • Changed: Guest accounts can no longer chat.
  • Added: Can now click the park entrance to edit some park parameters.

v21: 25-Aug-2016

  • Added: Vintage cars, the transport train and monorail now support spirals.

v20: 25-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where parks would sometimes fail to reset after the owner left the game.


v19: 25-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where some parks would fail to load.

v18: 25-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where corrupt parks would be saved.
  • Changed: Maximum pathfinding length increased.

v17: 25-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed stars display in loading dialog.
  • Changed: Balancing guests, increased maximum staying time.
  • Changed: Increased guest counts.
  • Changed: Park rating algorithm.
  • Changed: Queue path visuals to clarify the possible pathing.

v16: 25-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where the simulation would crash.
  • Added: More debug logging.
  • Added: Can now replicate product cost of stalls.

v15: 24-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where the UI tooltip does not show when hovering items.
  • Changed: Topple tower will now attract fewer guests.
  • Changed: Tracked rides will now attract more guests.
  • Changed: Park rating algorithm.
  • Changed: Guests will walk to rides further away more easily now.
  • Added: Ride ratings now show numbers too.
  • Added: More debug logging.

v14: 24-Aug-2016

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue with filtering.

v13: 23-Aug-2016

  • Rollback the rollback and fixed it.
  • Added: More debug logging.
  • Changed: Placing down items that snap to the side of cells that are not walls now align 'better'.
  • Changed: Renamed other path attachments category.

v12: 23-Aug-2016

  • Rollback.

v11: 23-Aug-2016

  • Fix: Partially fixed guests disappearing in queues.
  • Fix: Spiral special pieces naming.

v10: 23-Aug-2016

  • Fix: Fixed rare bug of coaster track computation failing.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where some savegames would not properly load.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where entrances/exits sometimes could not be built.
  • Changed: Maximum pathfinding length increased.


v9: 22-Aug-2016

  • Changed: Jailed achievement requirements.

v8: 22-Aug-2016

  • Fix: Fixed unexpected error during coaster track computation.
  • Fix: Fixed the chat filter being overly aggressive.

v7: 22-Aug-2016

  • Fix: Invalid cart type on new rides.

v6: 22-Aug-2016

  • Added: More error tracking.
  • Fix: Queue warning appeared even though there was a queue sometimes.

v5: 22-Aug-2016

  • Added: Warning when there is no queue.
  • Added: The changelog actually works now.
  • Fix: Can no longer open the likes/expansions window during the tutorial.

v4: 22-Aug-2016

  • Added: Autosave every 5 minutes.

v3: 21-Aug-2016

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the simulation stops working.

v2: 21-Aug-2016

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the simulation stops working.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where guests could not play.

v1: 21-Aug-2016

  • Public release