Painter brush FIXED

Painter icon

Painter is a game feature added in v85.


The painter tool is used to modify the color properties of objects. (Can be used as decorating)


To select the painter tool, click the painter icon on the bottom toolbar or press the 7 key. Upon selecting the tool, you will automatically be put in "Paint" mode. In paint mode, you can paint objects by clicking on them. The color properties of the object will change to the ones selected in Painter's color parameters. You can change the selected colors by clicking the swatch and selecting a new one. Selected colors may be enabled or disabled by checking the boxes under each color. Disabling a color will prevent it from being applied. The positions of selected colors can be swapped by clicking the arrow icons [↔].

Painter's second mode is color picker mode. To choose this mode, select "Pick colors from item". In this mode, you can copy the color properties of an object by clicking on it. Copied colors will be applied to Painter's color parameters. After picking colors from an object, you will automatically be put back in paint mode.

If you make a mistake, you can select "Undo previous paint" to revert the last painted item to its previous color.


Painter menu


  • Supports must be painted separately from an object.
  • Ride vehicles cannot be painted.
  • You can paint multiple objects quickly by dragging the painter tool over them.