The teleporter is an interactive scenery item found in Other scenery and was added in v80.


Teleporters are used to instantly transport players to another teleporter. To use them, a minimum of two teleporters is required. Teleporters will transport a player to the "teleporter target". To set a target, select "Change teleporter target" in the popup menu and click another teleporter. A green line will appear between linked teleporters.Teleporter target links are one-way only, and the second teleporter will not automatically link back to the first (requiring the target to be set to it manually to make it two-way).

Visitors cannot use teleporters.

Color Parameters

  • Primary color: Frame color
  • Secondary color: Neon color
RobloxScreenShot20170610 064142120

The teleporter menu

RobloxScreenShot20170613 032130051

Teleporter in the dark