Tpt2 tip

A tip

Tips are the pieces of information shown while the game loads.


  • Roller coaster chainlifts and boosters have no effect if the train travels backwards, but brakes do!
  • Use the item picker tool to quickly re-select an item you have already built!
  • You can increase the range of the terrain tool to more quickly modify large areas of terrain at once!
  • Night vision and cave vision only work on parks where you have building rights!
  • Use the visitor overview in the leaderboard to get suggestions to improve your park!
  • In settings, you can enable night vision to increase the ambient lighting when building during night time!
  • In settings, add your friends as co-builders to build a park together!
  • In settings, you can enable cave vision to brighten up dark spaces when building!
  • In settings, you can change guest and ride update rates--lower values increase performance, high values improve visuals.
  • Press the thumbs up near a park entrance if you like a park, its owner may even like your park too!
  • Increasing the cost of rides and stalls can cause some guests to no longer want to use it, make sure to keep an eye on the visitor thoughts!
  • Hold down [Ctrl] and move your mouse up to raise items into the air easily!