So. v131 came out two days ago (as of writing). Wanted to share my opinion and see what everyone else thinks.


Pics. =)

  • The new entrance.
  • Sad that the new entrance ruined this neat trick.
  • 0:15 of bill wurtz's history of japan.
  • Digging this new walkway tho

Ok. OPINION TIME. So. A few things. Let's start positively. Pros:

  1. New like button position. It makes it so much more visible and makes it easier to like.
  2. New walkway. It's much more distinct than the previous one. I also like the arrows on the roads (if you can call them that)
  3. And of course. TREES.


  1. The new entrance. Specifically the border around your park name. The text box is rounded. The sign is not. SO UGLY.
  2. The new entrance messing up the spotlight pathway trick. Makes me so sad.
  3. No TREES on the other borders of the world.